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Moving Government Missions Forward 

EmergeTek, a joint venture established by REI Systems and ADG Tech Consulting, combines their unique capabilities to deliver transformative technology solutions. With a focus on providing award-winning customer experiences and citizen services, EmergeTek moves people, technology, and government forward.


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ADG Tech Consulting: Partnering in Digital Transformation

For two decades, ADG Tech Consulting has stood at the forefront of digital transformation. We specialize in modernizing federal and state operations, systems, and services through the adoption of advanced emerging technologies.

At ADG, we are committed to delivering digital excellence. Our customer-centric approach ensures we stay in lockstep to meet our client's unique mission needs. That's why we bring together focused insights and technological advancements to unlock the power of modern IT.


REI Systems: Delivering Mission Impact Through Technology

For over 30 years, REI Systems has provided reliable, effective, and innovative technology solutions that advance federal, state, local, and nonprofit missions. Using our Mindful Modernization® delivery approach, we develop, manage, maintain, and customize modern IT solutions to meet agency-specific needs.

This is the 'REI Way' of aligning our customers' strategic objectives to measurable mission outcomes to improve customer experiences while accelerating the mission.


Innovation is a Team Sport

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With over 17 years of partnership between REI Systems and ADG Tech Consulting, Emerge Tek has established a strong track record and delivered substantial cost savings to federal agencies, surpassing $70 million in total contracts completed and continuing to grow. 

At Emerge Tek, we are dedicated to providing the right services and solutions precisely when needed most, a standard for which both ADG Tech Consulting and REI Systems are renowned. Our mission is to leverage our decade-long expertise and extensive resources to serve the federal government with high-quality, efficient, and reliable services. Guided by our shared vision and values, EmergeTek is committed to driving growth, fostering innovation, and creating a lasting impact within the federal sector.

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Application Modernization

Our application modernization solutions breath new life into governhient software– increasing scalability, security, and agility for seamless essential services.

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Digital Transformation

Our IT services and solutions are the catalyst for revolutionizing government operations. We provide next-generation solutions that enhance citizen services through personalization.

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Grants Management

Streamline funding processes with precision. Our grants management solutions empower agencies to efficiently allocate resources, drive impactful initiates, and promote transparency fueling progress towards meaningful mission outcomes.

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Our user-centric approach transforms agency platforms into intuitive, accessible hubs that engage citizens, foster trust, and provide vital information seamlessly.

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Our Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methodologies elevate agency teams to respond to changing demands swiftly. Through collaboration, we ensure mission-critical projects achieve optimal outcomes by efficiently serving the public's needs.

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Our cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams introduce quality checks and security at the start of the software and application development lifecycle to help agencies reduce their risk and achieve their IT and business objectives.

Our Technology Business Management (TBM) expertise accelerates agencies technology adaptations with precision to deliver informed decisions while optimizing resource allocations to derive tangible foresight for mission outcomes.



We streamline repetitive tasks while freeing up agency staff to focus on more complex problem-solving with our Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) solutions.


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