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Simplifying and Transforming
Enterprise IT Applications

EmergeTek transformed the Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) from a fragmented, paper-based environment to a centralized, cloud-based platform using state-of-the-art technologies. This digital transformation streamlined application processes and improved system integrity, operational efficiency, user experience, and customer engagement while delivering mission outcomes.


Increase Inspections with Better Agency Coordination

EmergeTek has successfully modernized the FDA’s traditional
processes through application modernization and agile
methodologies. The introduction of modernization has
transformed laborious manual processes, freeing staff to focus
on vital tasks such as regulatory compliance and public health

EmergeTek_FDA FIPSS_CaseStudy_Image2.jpg
EmergeTek_FEMA Grants_CaseStudy_Image3.jpg


Helping Disaster Victims Accurately, and Securely

EmergeTek has made significant contributions to the grants
management process for FEMA. Our comprehensive grants management solutions offer transparency, compliance, and real-time tracking, enabling the timely and effective distribution of resources. This capability plays a crucial role in helping communities recover and rebuild in the aftermath of emergencies.


Build IT with CX and the SBIR Applications Will Come

EmergeTek has played a vital role in enhancing the SBA
application ecosystem by modernizing their legacy systems.
This modernization effort ensures scalability, security, and
agility for the SBA. By migrating to cloud-based platforms and
adopting modern technologies, the SBA can improve response
times, optimize resource allocation and provide a seamless user
experience for borrowers, lenders, and other stakeholders on vital tasks, such as regulatory compliance and public health initiatives.

EmergeTek_FEMA Data Exchange (DEX)_CaseStudy_Image5.jpg


Ensuring Data Delivery to Disaster Response 

EmergeTek developed and helped pilot test the FEMA Data Exchange (FEMADex) to apply cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to shape data-driven
decision-making by making data from multiple systems and sources available across FEMA and its state, local, tribal and territorial partners.

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